For the Love of Lattes

Anyone that knows me knows how much I appreciate coffee, specifically a good latte or any good frothy drink for that matter.

We recently made one of the best small kitchen appliances purchases. My husband searched long and hard to find the most convenient espresso machine so we can enjoy our morning coffees every day of the week as well as entertain our guests with barista like coffee. After all the thorough searches, he settled for the Barista Touch by Breville, and like I said it was one of the best purchases we made for our kitchen!

The Barista Touch allows you to customize every drink to your liking in order to brew the perfect cup of coffee every time. It also uses an automatic micro-foam steam wand which allows you to adjust the texture of the milk the way you want, creating the best tasting froth in every cup. Everything about this machine is amazing, but my favourite part is how it creates the silky and creamy foam for the perfect latte every single time.


It also grinds and brews the coffee so it’s always fresh. Waking up every morning to the smell of freshly ground and brewed coffee adds a little bit of sunshine to your day. And once the silky froth touches my lips I’m instantly awake! All this talk about coffee has got me craving a latte, gotta go make myself a cup!

Coffeeology: Espresso yourself. So many blends, so little time. Take life one sip at a time, and stay grounded. Better latte than never. Take time to smell the cover – Anonymous



Daily word prompt: Froth


6 thoughts on “For the Love of Lattes

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  1. I love a good cup of coffee as well ♥️ I can’t imagine starting my day without it Lattes are out of my personal skill level though Yours look amazing!!!

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